Efrain Hernandez: Mexican Inventor

By José Alberto Gaytán García*

Efrain Hernandez Franco, was born on January 1988 in Culiacan, Sinaloa. He attended high school at the CBTIS 224 Culiacan and ended the career of Mechatronics Engineering, specializing in robotics, at the Pan-American University, Guadalajara campus.

This brilliant young man speaks five languages, is a respected scientist, a genius and Mexican inventor. He constantly travels the world presenting his research projects. To date, he has patented three of his inventions: the Braille Touch, which helps blind people to use computers, Smart Shower, saving seven liters of water per bath and a Robotic Prosthesis that helps people who have lost their upper limbs.

Currently, Ephraim teaches robotics at the Pan-American University in Aguascalientes; in that university, he built a robot with humanoide skills called “Axis”. This amazing robot thinks and moves independently, that is, without a remote control to program its movements. His primary skill is playing soccer which stands out as an accomplished scorer. “Axis” is preparing to debut in the world famous robotics tournament called “RoboCup 2012”.

Efrain Hernandez

This event will take place in June of next year in Mexico City and will feature the participation of three thousand robotics geniuses worldwide. In Mexico, stories like Efrain Hernandez are almost unknown, because unfortunately we do not have a national program to encourage and recognize young inventors. However, in India or in China, these people are real idols in their communities. For example, in India, when a young man performs an educational achievement, such as passing the entrance exam in one of the 15 technologies that they have in that country, like the technology of Bombay, local authorities consider that young man a true hero, providing all kinds of recognition and support as if he wasa political candidate,

They post his photograph on lamp posts, fences and schools, so that children and young people see it as an example to follow.

Efraín Hernández

You may wonder, why all fuss and tributes to pass the entrance exam to a technology, if here in Mexico, that’s a normal process. Well, dear readers, I should clarify that the technology in India are the best in the world, that’s why this exam is considered the most difficult in the world. For this reason, in April each year, half a million of the best minds of India and the world try to enter one of those technologies. It is so difficult to achieve, that for example, at Harvard University, ten percent of applicants pass the entrance exam, in Cambridge five percent and Bombay Technology only two percent. So, the young man who accomplished such a feat becomes a true national hero.

“Chicharito” Hernandez, sports star of the Manchester United English Premier League or Arath de la Torre, a television artist reached unbelievable levels of popularity for his portrayal of “Pancho Lopez”, a character from a popular soap opera called “A lucky Family”. We see photos and publicity of them everywhere; that’s okay because both Javier Hernandez as well as Arath de la Torre are successful young people who through much sacrifice managed to succeed in their careers. Nevertheless what is wrong is that 34 million children and young people, who attend our public system of national education, do not have science and education stars, inventors and geniuses to follow as models of success and success in life.


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