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On Wednesday December 14, in Franche Hall of this city, we held the traditional Christmas dinner for the workers at the technology of Misantla and my annual work report. This year, thanks to God, my report was an extensive report of accomplishments made during 2016. As I mentioned that night, these achievements deserve  greater recognition for the workers of the technology because the ITSM is located in a small town of 40 thousand inhabitants and because we operate with a small budget compared to the large budgets and competitive advantages that universities located in the big industrial cities of the country have, including Ecatepec, Guadalajara Irapuato and Puebla, Ciudad Juarez to name a few.

Among the achievements, we highlighted the national leadership that we achieved in tuition for master’s degree programs in industrial engineering and computer systems. In addition, the majority of our students receive a monthly scholarship of 10,000 pesos thanks to the fact that these postgraduate programs are recognized in the national program of quality graduate programs (PNPC) CONACYT, so that leading in this field at the national level is a huge academic merit of the ITSM Another great achievement was the Mathematics Championship COESMA 2016.  This contest took place in the technology of Cosamaloapan, located to the South of Veracruz.  This year, we also ”beat” all the technological and universities of the state. We took the first three places in the individual category and first place in the team’s category, in other words we took all the prizes. In the past six years, ITSM has won four first and a second place in this math contest.

My work of report ITSM 2016

Special mention is deserved for the feat made by Joaquín San Gabriel Lomeli, a student of industrial engineering. This quiet and bright young man won second place in the individual category at the national contest of basic sciences. This respected competition involves a higher knowledge level in physics, chemistry and mathematics. 273 campuses around the country participated, with 580 thousand students and 30 thousand teachers. These campuses are eliminated during the year until reaching the grand finale. In 2016, the first place in individual category was obtained by Adolfo Juanico Aguilar of the technology of Morelia and in second place was Joaquín San Gabriel. It is so difficul to reach the final in basic sciences , that in 23 years in the history of this contest, no student from the technology had reached second place.

With great pride I reported that night that the didactic prototype of a Photocolorimeter of Biochemical Engineering won first place at the Milset 2016 International Science Competition held in Fortaleza, Brazil. The 2016 Engineering Conference of ITSM was one of the best events ever made by the technology in its history. The level of the speakers, the organization, the assistance and participation of the Nobel Prize winner Woodrow Clark marked an unforgettable difference in this type of events.

In international mobility we obtained a meritorious academic achievement, since for the first time in the history of the technological, we sent 25 students to Urbana University in the United States to participate in an international three-month training program. Thanks to this successful program, students of the ITSM can work in international companies located in Ohio.

congreso My Work of report ITSM 2016

That night, I especially appreciated the dedication of our teachers and the personnel that work in the ITSM, for one simple reason: to have champion students we must have champion teachers and employees, it cannot be otherwise. With that strength, we will continue working with more quality and passion for improving each day one of the most successful education projects of the country, the technology of Misantla.


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