How to spoil a child?

By José Alberto Gaytán García*

Last week I bought in a store called Sanborns in Mexico City, a book called The great little details, written by Enrique Villarreal Aguilar. The author of this book is an international speaker who specializes in human improvement issues, given in workshops and conferences to executives of companies and directors of educational institutions. This speaker has written 12 books, including The great little details, The message of God, The Flight of the renovation and Merchant of God.

How to spoil a child

The great little details, is a book based on short stories that touch the most sensitive fibers in the heart of those who read it, this was my case. Therefore, on this occasion, I wish to share with you the 10 rules to spoil a child, one of the stories in this book, on page 31 of the book, which are:

  1. Start by giving your child during his childhood everything he wants and he will grow with the false idea that everyone has to serve him.
  2. When he learn bad words, celebrate “the joke” and he will believe it is “very funny” and you will encourage him to learn new bad words that it will drive you crazy in a few years.
  3. Never give him spiritual education, and wait until your child turns 21 to “decide for himself”.
  4. Avoid using the word “bad” or “sin” it could create a complex of “guilt”.
  5. Pick up everything he leaves lying around like books, shoes, clothes, so he can learn to leave all responsibility to others.
  6. Let them read comics, pornography and all things that fall into their hands so their brains will filled with filth, and they will grow without prejudice.
  7. Have to many “meetings” at night and fight with your spouse in front of your children, so they wont feel the “terrible shock” when the divorce or separation from your marriage comes along.
  8. Give them all the money they asked and stick to their whims, if you deny it could create a complex of “frustration”.
  9. Always be on their side, against neighbors, teachers and, every time is the case, against the police, all these people are against your son.
  10. Never worry about giving a good example and when someone is looking for you and you do not want to be interrupted, tell your son to tell them that  “you are not here”, so that way at his young age he will  learn to get out of trouble.

After following these instructions, get ready for a life of tranquility. “You deserved it”. And when your child is an offender, hurry to exclaim:What sin have I committed, my God, to deserve this?”

The author comments that those rules to spoil a child he took them from a newsletter that he found at the entrance of the Police Department in Houston, Texas. This story concludes with a quote that appears in the Bible, the book of Proverbs, Chapter 22, verse 6E:

Train up your child in the way he should go,even when he is old he will not depart from it”.

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José Alberto Gaytan
José Alberto Gaytan
José Alberto Gaytán García ha escrito artículos y ensayos de corte académico en diarios y revistas de México y de los Estados Unidos; ha participado en importantes proyectos académicos e impartido conferencias sobre temas de historia, tecnología y educación en el marco de las relaciones entre México y los Estados Unidos, tema en el cual realizó sus estudios de doctorado en The Graduate School of Internacional Studies de la Universidad de Miami.

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