By José Alberto Gaytán García *

Fortaleza, Brazil, May 23rd 2016. The students of Biochemistry and Environmental Engineering of the Technologic of Misantla, obtained first place at the international competition of scientific projects and technology MISLET 2016, held in Fortaleza, Brazil, from the May 17 to May 21 May of the current year.

The winning project in the field of Biological Sciences was an “educational photocolorimeter prototype” which was designed and built in the Technologic of Misantla with recycled material that is used in biochemistry laboratories. The photocolorimeter has various applications in reading biological samples in areas of endocrinology, infectious diseases, detection of antibodies, cellular growth, hematology, pathology, etc. This equipment performs multiple tests in an automated manner, which allows savings of up to 80 percent of the consumption ofreagents. The participating students are Amaury Isai Nabor, Elva Esther Candanedo Candanedo, and Itzelth de la Cruz Diaz and the project Advisor is Dr. Arturo Cabrera Hernandez.

In this MISLET 2016 international event more than thirty countries participated whose universities submitted 128 finalist projects in various scientific categories. The winning project from the Technologic of Misantla was in the area of biological sciences and obtained a pass to the science and engineering World Forum to be held in August of 2017 in Santiago de Chile.

technology of misantla obtains first expo brazil mislet 2016

Shown in the photo is Dr. Arturo Cabrera Hernandez, Advisor to the prototype that won in Brazil, Elva Esther Candanedo Candanedo, Itzelth de la Cruz Diaz and Amaury Isai Nabor, students of Biochemistry and Environmental Engineering of the Technology of Misantla.

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