Mexico vs Israel (Second part)

By José Alberto Gaytán García*

In Israel’s dressing room, the coach makes a series of tactical adjustments on the blackboard that quickly fills with lines and annotations. Players listen attentively to the instructions of the coach while receiving assistance from masseurs, water carriers and medical staff. The coach raises his voice: “Boys do not let them have possession of the ball and remember that the best defense is attack. We have studied Mexico well; we will make changes to exploit three key areas needed to win the game: education, science and technology. These areas were neglected by the rival and now these are his greatest weakness, we’ll throw it all out there in the second half, good luck guys”. Then the coach called his assistant and the masseuse and asked them to have three players on the bench ready to play in the second half.

In the Mexican dressing room there is excellent companionship, you can hear laughter, name calling, jokes, all was good, and no changes are reported. The FIFA envoy and the field inspector notified both coaches that the referee and the champions are already on the playing field. The second half starts the Israeli squad quickly controls the ball in half and three quarters of the court and tries to overrun the Mexican goal area, the defense and the goal area are fighting with everything trying to keep the Israelis from overrunning the Mexican goal. On the Mexican bench the worried coach asks his assistant, who the forwards were that came in, who doesn’t understand what is happening, why do they play so well. Before he could get a reply, you hear in the stands GOOAL! Israel scored. The assistant turns to the coach and says: “Sorry sir but I don’t know the players who entered chinga%$?&, responds the angry national coach, muttering that’s what I get for not bringing European assistants, look Mario look on the Internet, go to the website of the world Bank called World Development Indicators, it is a section of development indicators in all countries of the world, see what you can find out about Israel”. The assistant quickly opens his briefcase, pulls out his laptop, and immediately connects to the Internet, when you hear another scream in the stands GOOAL! Another goal against Mexico.

The assistant puts his hand to his head in surprise and tells coach Javier, look what I found, showing him a graph of indicator: “I’m not in the mood to be reading these pen%$#&, just tell me what it says”, said the coach more annoyed than anything. Just look!, The amazed assistant says: “Even though Israel is the hundredth world’s smallest country, with less than one thousandth of the world’s population, it has invested a lot in education and technological development, that’s where those players are from that are  getting the goals. For example, most of the operating systems of computer brands Windows NT and XP are developed by Microsoft Israel; the Pentium MMX Chip technology was designed in Israel’s division of Intel, the Pentium-4 microprocessor and the Centrino are produced in Israel, AOL technology instant Messenger ICQ was developed by four young Israelites. After Silicon Valley of the United States, Israel has the largest number of high-tech companies in the world, and therefore has the highest percentage of computers per capita in the world. In the production of new books per capita, it ranks second in the world, it has more museums per capita than any other country, and it has the highest rate of university degrees per capita in the world”. Once again you hear in the stands a fifth cry, GOOAL!

Stunned the coach asks his assistant: “But how do they do it, if they are always at war with their neighbors, the Arab countries”. “Well, I don’t know”, replies the assistant, “but for being at war it is a country that has increased spending on military defense per capita in the world still scientists born in Israel and Jewish origin have won 30 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, 26 in Economics, 53 in medicine, 47 in physics, 13 in Literature and two Nobel’s for Peace”.

méxico vs israel second

Enraged the coach tells his assistant, “Arriving in Mexico, I want your resignation please”. “But why me sir”, the stunned assistant asks, It is not my fault that we don’t have a powerful technological development that allows us to compete with the best in the world?”. “You’re right”, says the coach, “that is not your fault, because you do not authorize the budget and raise the level of investment in our educational system, but it is your fault for not giving me a card with the correct information that would have allowed me to make the necessary tactical adjustments”. The teary-eyed assistant complains, anyway teacher, “it would not have done any good, as it takes many years to build a good reserve”, “no Mario no”, clarifies the coach, I see that you lack experience, I was not going to assemble any reserve, I was going to import Israelite scientists, then nationalize them and let them play like Professor Lavolpe did in the last worldcup”.

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José Alberto Gaytan
José Alberto Gaytan
José Alberto Gaytán García ha escrito artículos y ensayos de corte académico en diarios y revistas de México y de los Estados Unidos; ha participado en importantes proyectos académicos e impartido conferencias sobre temas de historia, tecnología y educación en el marco de las relaciones entre México y los Estados Unidos, tema en el cual realizó sus estudios de doctorado en The Graduate School of Internacional Studies de la Universidad de Miami.

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